Ephesians: Living As The Church

This fall (and part of winter), we will be going through the letter of Ephesians together as a church family. Ephesians is an amazing letter that connects deep theology with very practical everyday life. In this series, our family of faith in Jesus will consider how accessible theology should be and how we are to live out our shared identity as God’s people.

This journey starts with God (just read Eph. 1:3-14). God is the starting point. He is also completely amazing! Our Trinitarian God is more wonderful and glorious than we can even imagine. This powerful realization must drive all aspects of our lives (both individually as well as corporately).

This is going to be a critical and powerful journey for our church family. We are going to learn to love and worship God more fully as well as to love and cherish each other more rightly. Please consider reading through Ephesians one time each week during this series; you really cannot exhaust all that is there!

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