I Am

Who is Jesus?  This is likely the most debated, and certainly the most important, question there is.

For some historians, Jesus is simply a person to be studied.
For some philosophers, He’s a nice moral person or a good teacher.
For some spiritualists, Jesus is just another religious leader/founder.

For the dead man, Jesus is life (John ch.11).
For the prostitute, He is a second chance (Luke 7:37).
For the searching, Jesus is the long-awaited answer (Mt.13:45).

In this sermon series, we will be looking at several different conversations in which Jesus makes very specific, bold, far-reaching—you could even say outrageous—”I AM” statements about Himself.

“I AM…. the bread of life… the light of the world… the way the truth and the life…. the Alpha and the Omega…

Most of these “I AM” statements are found in John’s gospel, and a couple are found in Revelation. We will spend ~10 weeks going through these bold statements of Jesus to help answer the all-important question: “Who is Jesus?”  Once we understand who Jesus is, the next critical question is “How do we respond to Him?”

This is what we will be exploring together as a church this spring!

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