Junior & Senior High School

Our student ministry is intentionally simple (simplicity is one of our values).

In keeping with the church’s mission, we seek to help our students grow in their love of Jesus and people and impact the world. We do this mainly through life-on-life relationships. We also feel (and the research shows) that incorporating students into the life of the church is critical for their long-term engagement with God and the church.

So, at Riverside, Jr. and Sr. High students, just like the adults, are encouraged to actively participate in the life and ministries of the church (they usually have more fun than adults though). Every week they attend Sunday celebrations with the adults and are encouraged to serve in the church.¬†Every week 6th-12th grade students meet on Sundays for lunch and their version of “home group.” ¬†6th-8th graders meet at the Beacon and 9th-12th graders meet in one of our leader’s home.

Throughout the week, students and leaders meet to talk about life. In addition, at times we also get together for some fun and exciting larger events.

To learn more about what is happening in the lives of Riverside’s students, stop by on Sunday morning or contact us via the web.