The Everyday Mission
At Riverside, we truly believe each Christ follower can impact the world, that impact is not just reserved for “pastors” or “missionaries.” And based off Matthew 28:18-20 (which we call “the everyday mission”), we believe this is most commonly done by everyone simply sharing their faith (evangelism) and then teaching new believers how to follow Jesus (discipleship). Some resources to aid in this calling for Christ followers include:

Evangelism resource detailing a few different ways to share your faith
Lesson  Lab

Discipleship Lessons (the first 7 lessons a new believer should go through with a mentor)
Lessons  Instructions

Sermon audio from Matthew 28:16-20 (the “Everyday Mission“)

Home Group Discussion Guides:
Our Home Groups typically discuss the passage that was taught in our Sunday morning celebrations. Discussion guides and sermon audio are available here.

Childcare Reimbursement (for home groups)
We offer childcare reimbursement to home groups that provide childcare during their meetings.