Globally: We feel that God has given Riverside a neat vision and mandate to start new churches as well as help address the global orphan and poverty situation. Riverside Church puts 15-20% of every dollar aside for our mission programming, partnerships, and future church plants (we hope to increase that percentage as the years go by).

AshaBoysRiverside’s main global partner is ASHA MISSION who has children’s homes in Delhi, India and Kolkata, India. We are a main sponsor of these homes, which currently houses and cares for ~60 orphans.

If you want to send finiancial support to Asha, or if you are “sponsoring a kid” through Riverside, click on the below:

Sponsor Asha/Kid
(Under the “Designation” drop-down menu choose “Asha Sponsorship”)
(You can give either via eCheck(ACH) or Debit Card. Both work well, but the fees are slightly less on the eCheck/ACH, so if both ways work for you, please consider eCheck/ACH).

To learn more about Asha Mission and our partnership, contact us HERE, or check out Asha Mission’s website HERE.

Locally: We Partner on many levels with Camp Ray Bird.  It’s an amazing Christian camp that specializes in serving families who could not otherwise afford meaningful camping experiences.  To learn more check out Ray Bird’s website HERE


We also partner locally with Help with Love as our local benevolence partner for people outside of Riverside (this is in addition to benevolence money that we help Riverside church members in need with)
 While every follower of Jesus is called to be a missionary wherever God has them, the following folks have received a special calling to relocate and dedicate vocationally to mission work.  Riverside mainly sponsors missionaries that come out of our church:

Tom and Ashley Carpenter (Navigators College Ministry): To support them go to and click on the “Donate” tab.  Search for “Tom Carpenter” and follow the prompts.


Jessica Shewan (Discipleship and Peace Practice Coordinator at Congo Initiative)


Locally: Because we feel our church is best represented in our smaller communities, we express our support for local missions through each of our home groups. Each group is encouraged to actively serve together in the community. Some examples of these partnerships include different home groups working with the Red Cross to resettle refugees in our area, partnering with MOSAIC to serve people with intellectual disabilities, working with single moms through partnering with Bridges of Hope and Hope Mission, local park beautification, etc.

As we ramp up the former Beacon Bowl to be a community center, that will certainly become a church-wide local focus as well.