Taste and see that the Lord is good; Blessed is the one who takes REFUGE in Him.

~Psalm 34:8


For the next 6 weeks we’re going to take a journey together, with the hope of experiencing God in new, fresh, and deeper ways. We will be utilizing the timeless prayer and song book of God’s people (both ancient Israel and the Church)—the book of Psalms.

On Monday we will participate in some inductive study of the Psalm

On Tuesday we will use the exercise of Lectio Divina

On Wednesday we will do some art journaling

On Thursday we will pray the psalm back to God

On Friday we will interact with another person regarding what we’ve experienced with this psalm throughout the week.

Each week we will take a deep dive into a particular psalm. We will hear a sermon on Sunday, then we will encounter God through that psalm throughout the week. Each week will have a similar rhythm of 5 ways of engaging with God through that week’s psalm.

By clicking the buttons below, you will find a link to each week’s Psalm and descriptions of each of the daily exercises.

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