• Spend 2 minutes in silence, just deeply breathing, clearing your mind of distraction and preparing to focus on the Psalm, opening your heart to the Spirit’s guidance.


  • Read through the psalm slowly. Take note of any words, phrases, stanzas, or images that stand out to you. Read through it again, slowly. Linger upon anything that stirs you.


  • Spend some time considering and reflecting upon the parts of the psalm that stuck out to you. What do you think God might be trying to communicate to you?


  • Take all the thoughts, feelings, questions, actions, conviction that you experienced and offer them to God in prayer. Praise Him, thank Him, apologize to Him, yell at Him, cry to Him…whatever your heart and the Spirit guide you to do. The key is to be honest with Him.


  • Be silent in God’s presence. Similar to the preparation stage, but now full of your experience and engagement with the psalm of the day. Also commit to submitting to and “doing” whatever God implanted in your heart.