What is the “dress code” for the weekend celebrations? We don’t have a “dress code” for our Sunday gatherings; some people dress up, some come very casual… most folks are somewhere in the middle. It’s really not a big deal here at Riverside.

What style of music should I expect in the weekend celebrations? Modern music similar to what you hear on the radio coupled with great hymns from the past.

Is there something for all ages during the weekend celebrations? Yes. For children options, click here. Students (Jr. & Sr. High) worship with adults on Sunday mornings and then have lunch together,and their own class, after our celebration.

What denomination is Riverside associated with? We are a non-denominational church. We were planted by River Valley Church in 2009.

What sacraments does Riverside celebrate? We celebrate baptism (whenever someone becomes a Christian) and communion (every Sunday). We also do child dedications (2-3 times a year). If you are interested or want to know more about any of these, contact us here.

I found an error on this website; who do I contact? Click here to let us know. And thanks for the catch!