Hey there! Welcome to Riverside Church’s growing website. If you’re a compulsive surfer like me, I check out people, places, and organizations electronically before I ever pick up the phone or walk in the door. While the web can’t provide a complete picture, you can get a few snapshots to see if you want to journey any further.

Riverside is a church of individuals who are focused on following Jesus with everything we’ve got, loving people the way Jesus loves, and impacting the world the way Jesus called us to. We strive to follow Him in every aspect of our lives as we enjoy our community and its culture, as we laugh and eat good food with friends, and as we serve each other, our neighbors, and Jesus.

In other words, our church is:

  • More than a building (we meet on Sunday mornings in an old bowling alley we’ve converted into a community center)
  • More than a Sunday morning meeting (our foundation as a community is our home groups)
  • More than one person’s personality (I never wanted to be a pastor, I just wanted to follow Jesus and love people. How I ended up here is a very long story, quite an adventure)

Riverside is best explained by our Mission and Values (actually, it is best explained in community or over a meal/cup of coffee). On this site you can find out about our Sunday celebrations, learn more about our kid’s ministry, listen to previous messages, and get a glimpse of the current series we are in.

Thanks for checking out the site! Feel free to send us a message by clicking here.


(one of the pastors/elders at Riverside)