Tuesday (8/13/19)

  • Read Psalm 139:1-18 (with special attention on v.7-12) (go slow, see prompts from Monday)
    • Let’s be honest, Jonah isn’t the first (nor last) person to try and run from God (Jonah 1:2). How are you experiencing God’s presence these days? What does the passage say about God’s presence? What does that mean about your “feelings”?
    • Pray through this passage. For example, read v.7, assume that is God speaking, and then pray in response something like, “God, I often ignore and even flee Your presence. Holy Spirit help me see and acknowledge You today, help me notice Your presence throughout today. Thank You for….). Read v.8, then pray something like, “God, Your presence is everywhere. Make me aware of how big your kingdom is today, I worship you because of”…. v.9, “God, thank You for this new day, thank you that your mercies are new every morning, thank you for…”