Monday (8/19/19)

Read Jonah 2, go slow…

Remind yourself you are in God’s presence and read again; notice how God might be speaking to you through His Word.  Dwell on a word or phrase that jumps out at you; how has God’s Word moved you? Ponder and meditate what has connected with your heart or mind; pray to God about what it is that has moved you today. 

  • Now pray through this passage.  For example, read Jonah 2:2, assume that is God speaking, and then pray in response something like, “God, I’m in distress about ____, and I’m realizing I run to ___ instead of You.  Holy Spirit help me ____.).  Read v.6, then pray something like, “God, looking back on life I do see how you have lifted me out of so many pits….
  • Consider writing your own prayer to God.  Describe your situation to God with the same degree of detail that Jonah did. 
  • With this week’s passage from Jonah 2 capturing Jonah’s prayer, make prayer a priority this week.