Tuesday (8/20/19)

Explore how Jesus used Jonah’s story in His ministry;

Read: Matthew 12:38-41; Matthew 16:1-4, Luke 11:29-32 (go slow, see prompts from Monday)

  • Now pick ONE of those three passages and read the entire chapter it is from.  Study it. Look at the context. 
  • What was going on around Jesus when He used the Jonah story in His ministry?  Who was He addressing it to?
  • Jesus seems to use the Jonah story as a POSITIVE about Himself (death and resurrection) while pointing to fallen humanity (“…This is a wicked generation…”).  In light of that:
    Know (what does the text say about God?) 
    Be (what does it say about us?) 
    Do (what does it call us to do?)