Thursday (9/12/19)

Hopefully you are getting into the habit of asking the Holy Spirit to teachyou as you sit down to read. Pray now.

Read John 15:18-16:4

In 16:1, Jesus says, “All this I have told you so that you will not goastray.” In what we’ve read so far this week, what would make the disciples lose heart and potentially go astray?

  • What situations in your life have caused deep questioning of your faith in you?
  • How did you process through these situations, or have youprocessed through them?
  • Certainly there are hard and unexplainable situations around all of us that cause deep pangs. Has there been a time you have suffered for doing what was right and good to do?
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  • How does Jesus’ warning encourage you?

This passage was written to the disciples (plural) and not just one person (not just “me and Jesus”). Today, call/email/text one person in response to today’s reading as a means of being anencouragement to a brother or sister in Christ that might need.