Thursday (9/26/19)

Read Daniel Chapter 3

Now we get to learn a bit more about Daniel’s three friends and what stuff they are made of. I always think it’s interesting that Daniel gets to be the “famous one” and have the book in his name. But he is surrounded by some cool men.

What do you learn about the character of these three young men?

What do you learn about God and who He is from this chapter?

How do you think that the community of the four of them (including Daniel) there in Babylon impacts how they live?

What does community look like for you right now? Who are your “three friends” (figurative – you don’t have to actually a specific number!) that surround you with strong witness and courage?

Spend some time thanking the Lord for the list above.Thank Him for His provision of people in your life. Ask Him if there is a void or people in your life. Search your heart about the person you are to the people around you.

Pray for our community of believers at Riverside.