Sunday (9/29/19)

Read Daniel 6

Ahhhh, we’ve all been waiting for this familiar chapter.

What do we learn about Daniel’s character from this chapter?

Whenever I read this chapter, two questions come to my mind, so we will just think on these two:

Daniel had a specific “rhythm of life” with his praying and worshipping of God. What is the rhythm of your spiritual life? 

What practices are routine for you to ensure that you stay connected to the vine?

God comes in and rescues Daniel from the lion, just like he rescued a few chapters earlier from the furnace. 

What happens in your life when God allows the pain to roll in, when He doesn’t “rescue” in the way that we envision? 

How do we feel about Him in those moments?

Spend some time preparing your heart for the worship service. Sit quietly again and just be with Jesus.