Saturday (10/5/19)

Reflection and Review

We are going to walk back through the last four weeks today and tomorrow so we can really “mine” this series for what we have seen, read, learned, and come to believe. And then, because what we believe is always worked out in how we live, we are going to, like Daniel, make some resolutions for our daily lives. Today we will focus on the Know and the Be.

Look back through the previous posts (or daily emails) and pull out things that you came to KNOW about God and His character. Take your time and really list it out. Note: if you are using the web devotional you can use the calendar (right-hand side on computer, bottom of the page if you are using a phone) to browse through each day.

Now, go back through our previous posts (or emails) and write out the BE aspects you saw: ways that you are becoming more like Christ, parts of your life that were challenged to be transformed.

Spend some time thanking the Lord for each part of His character that was revealed and for each piece of yourself that He is patiently transforming!