Monday (10/14/19)

Yesterday, Keith shared about the process of allowing our minds to be transformed and renewed. What an amazing blessing that our minds can actually be fundamentally changed. We all live in the story that we believe – about God and about ourselves. Telling ourselves a true story, believing the true story, changes everything.

This week, we are going to get to know a man named Job and some of his friends and see what story they believed about each other and about who God is.

We are going to do a “fly over” in the book of Job. I say a fly over because Job has 42 chapters filled with incredible thoughts, a heart wrenching pain, and few answers. We will hit some highlights that might prompt you to do further study. All week long we are going to ask similar questions that will move us on a path of examining how we perceive God versus who He reveals Himself to be.

Yesterday we pondered Paul’s words about “knowing whom he has believed in” to the extent that he could suffer joyfully. I want to grow that in myself. A steadfast knowing of God that walks with me through my circumstances.

The reading this week is a bit longer. The book of Job is a story that I hope we get caught up in.

The Bible Project has a great video on Job:

Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to teach and speak to you as you listen and read.

Read Job 1 & 2

What do we learn about God from these chapters (KNOW):

What do we learn about evil/Satan from these chapters?

What do we learn about Job?

What about Job’s friends? What do we learn about Job’s wife? How do they strike you?

How do you feel about the background conversation between God and Satan? Does this stir any feelings in you?

Share your feelings with the Lord in prayer. Perhaps write out some questions you have. However you best ‘sit’ with God, let Him in on your thoughts.