Wednesday (10/16/19)

Today we are going to take a run through some short passages from “the friends” and from a younger man who speaks after the three friends. They seemed to start out well, sitting alongside Job in the immediate aftermath of the painful loss (Job 2:13). But they (like us) often want explainable answers (Spoiler! God rebukes them in Job 42:7 for their incomplete and bad answers).

Read Job 4:1-9 (Eliphaz) What is he saying?

Read Job 8:1-7 (Bildad) What is he saying?

Read Job 11 (Zopher) What is he saying?

Read Job 32:1-5, 33:8-13, & 34:1-12 (Elihu) What is he saying?

If you had to sum up what these friends belief about God – who is God to them?