Monday (11/25/19)

Keith spoke yesterday on the necessity of doing life together. We cannot walk alone and hope to finish well. Life is just too hard, and the enemy is too devious and destructive.

We are going to look at passages in the New Testament that describe issues and sin that divide us. We want to be on guard for situations and ways that we get divided and split from our brothers, sisters, family and fellow workers.

John 17 is really clear – remember reading it earlier? Our unity is what reflects Christ to the world around us. So let’s dig into the lessons sprinkled throughout the NT so our love will be genuine despite hard and painful situations..

Read James 2:1-13

What is the sin that is being confronted?

KNOW (What does the text say about God?)
BE (What does the text say about us?)
DO (What is the text calling me to do?)

Take time today to think through those questions from this passage.

Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal areas of favoritism that have a foothold in your life.