Saturday (11/30/19)

Read Matthew 18:15-17

  • What is the sin that is being confronted?
  • Based on Matthew 18 and Matthew 5, how concerned is God that we work through our areas of anger and wronging/being wronged?

KNOW (what does the text say about God?)
BE (What does the text say about us?)
DO (what is the text calling me to do?)

Take time today to think through those questions from this passage.




I know that we answered the “Do” question already. But since resolving conflict in Godly, healthy ways is so uncommon in our world, and in the church, it seemed good to ask one more question. 

Reread the  passages from Matthew 5 and 18 one more time. Matthew 5 is asking you to search your heart to see if you have wronged someone. Matthew 18 wants you to again search your heart to see if someone has wronged you.

Truly spend some time with God being quiet, listen to His voice. And then, based on what He says, plan your response, which might include calling a friend, writing a letter, having a conversation you’ve been putting off for weeks/years, etc…?