Monday (12/2/19)

Yesterday we heard Adam preach through passages in Jeremiah and Zechariah:  How Israel looked forward to the Messiah and the hope that He would bring. We, during Advent, look backwards to remember the hope that He brought as well as the hope He will bring in the future. Life is hard. Yes, life is hard. This month in our devotions we are going to work through the Old Testament book of Isaiah.

  • We see God judging His people. 
  • We see God mourning that He has to judge.
  • We see Him promise a future for them.
  • We see his compassion.
  • We will see how we live in the now and the not yet.

Watch this video from The Bible Project.

We will watch the overview of the end of Isaiah later, but the first few weeks we will be in this beginning section. Basically, Isaiah is sent by God to warn the people of impending judgment, first by the nation of Assyria, and then by the Babylonians. The chapters cycle back and forth between warning, explanation of their sins, the coming judgment, and the hope of a promised Messiah. 

Spend some time sitting and asking the Lord to help you order the days of this Advent season.

As we work through Isaiah this month, there may be verses and chapters that are just downright confusing. Bible Gateway has a great commentary to help with those: