Friday (12/6/19)

Read Isaiah 4:2-6

  • In light of chapter 3, what emotions come up in you as you read this short section?
  • Despite the Lord’s just anger, what does this say about how the Lord really feels about His people?
  • He promises that His glory will be like a canopy creating a refuge and hiding place for His people. Sit for a while picturing yourself under this shade, experiencing His hiding place, experiencing His refuge. If you are a visual person, draw the images that have come through your mind as you have sat quietly.

All throughout Isaiah there are verses about the coming Messiah that have inspired many songs. During the next five weeks together in this devotional, we are going to listen to several renditions of the song O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

Many of the lyrics come directly from chapters that we will read. Despite all the sins of the Israelites that were going to result in captivity, He offered them hope. Their longing for Messiah is reflected poignantly throughout this song. Take a listen: