Monday (12/9/19)

Yesterday we heard Adam and Keith share about joy on the backside of redemption, joy tested by the real junk in life. This week we will look at more of that tension through the lens of the book of Isaiah. If you didn’t get a chance last week to watch The Bible Project’s summary of the book, we have included it at the bottom of this post/email.

As we consider our ways this week let’s sit long and deep exploring with Jesus our hurts, disappointments, and grief and trust Him for joy on the backside.

Read Isaiah 5: 1-7

  • How do these verses describe God’s relationship with His people, the Israelites, from your understanding?
  • When God is looking for good fruit in our lives, what is He looking for? (See Galatians 5:22-26.)

Read James 3:9-12 and Matthew 12:33-37

  • What can  be an indicator for us of the kind of fruit we are producing according to these verses?
  • Spend some time asking the Holy Spirit to show you fruit in your life- good and bad.