Monday (12/16/19)

Yesterday we heard Adam share about the violence that surrounds us in the world. Violence gives birth to more violence. And how, in the midst of that, God gave birth to peace. God offers us peace with the threat of violence all around us. To us a child was given.

This week as we continue our journey through Isaiah, we will again see the promise given to the Israelites in the midst of incredible hardship, violence, and pain.  We will see God offering us as well as them a promise.

Read Isaiah 9: 1-7

Imagine Isaiah speaking these verses to a broken people. We are a broken people. Allow these words to wash over you.

  • What do you remember standing out to you from the sermon yesterday? 
  • Where do you see the contrast in these verses between light/dark; joy/sadness; now/not yet?
  • Are there places in your life right now where you feel burdened and held captive that you want to see the Lord remove that yoke (see verse 4)?
  • Of the four descriptors of God in verse 6, which one stands out to you in this season of life? 
  •  Spend some time praying and reflecting on these character qualities of God.