Saturday (1/18/20)

Read Matthew 26:36-46

This had to be a hard night for Peter. Peter learns that one of his closest people (the disciples had lived together for the past three years) would betray Jesus, he hears Jesus explain that His body and blood will be broken and poured out, and that Jesus believed he (Peter) would disown his beloved Jesus. 

  • Look back over this week at the various things that you learned about Peter. How would you describe him now that you’ve spent a week reading about him?
  • Do the same thing with your answers about Jesus. How has He been revealed to you?
  • What is unearthed in Jesus’ character and person in today’s reading?
  • Reflect back on a time when you were disappointed in someone’s response to you or their casual response to something that you asked of them. 
  • Reflect on a time when you disappointed someone. Has that relationship been made right?