Monday (1/27/20)

This week we will examine the discovery (or epiphany) of Jesus through the eyes of the women around Jesus – particularly the women in the gospel of Luke. 

Luke has an amazing way of highlighting women all throughout his gospel. Very counter to the society of his day, Luke tells story after story of Jesus interacting, esteeming, and bestowing value on the women around Him. In the beginning of Luke, chapter 8, you’ll also notice that Luke records the names of several women that traveled with Jesus and the disciples and helped to support the ministry.

You’ll notice this week that we will not include some famous stories (the Woman at the Well and the Woman caught in Adultery) that are in John’s gospel only because we will be working through John’s gospel during Lent. 

Read Luke 7: 11-17

  • What stands out to you about Jesus’ interaction with this woman?
  • Imagine yourself in this woman’s shoes – what does she come to recognize about Jesus? How would she describe Him after this encounter.
  • As you sit in the enormity of what He did for this woman and how He treated her, describe Jesus for yourself today:
  • Verse 13 says that Jesus’ heart went out to her. When is the last time you remember someone’s heart coming out towards you? What happened?