Wednesday (2/5/20)

Read Luke 5:12-16

I love this story. But have to be honest, whenever I read it I find it sobering that this man asks if He (Jesus) is willing to heal him. It has shaped my prayer life to ask that same question. I know that Jesus can do anything, but there are many things He says ‘no’ to.

  • Spend some time pondering – what do you think life is like for this man who approaches Jesus?
  • When the man asks Jesus to be willing he exposes his own vulnerability (he could remain unhealed). Jesus may not be willing and refuse him. Why is it good (I would maintain that it is good), to allow ourselves to be vulnerable with Jesus?
  • Seeing this encounter through his eyes, what do you think that he discovers about Jesus?
  • What is revealed to you  about Jesus in this encounter?
  • What about yourself? Is it hard for you to be vulnerable out loud with the Lord? We exist as vulnerable creatures that cannot even cause ourselves to continue breathing to sustain our lives. But vulnerability out loud requires trust.
  • How have you seen your trust for God grow through this season?