Thursday (3/5/20)

Read John 2:1-12

Oh, how it’s the way of the Lord to save the best for last!  

The way of man is many times the opposite of God’s. As we see here, the good wine was thought to be served first by the host so that the cheaper wine would be unnoticeable when the guests had too much later (v.10), yet Jesus’ was even better! Jesus filled the water pots because they were empty and needed replenishing (v.7). Then, verse 11 states, “and His disciples believed in Him.” This wasn’t the first time they believed in Jesus, but the meaning of this phrase here is more that they grew in faith.  

  • How has your faith grown as you’ve seen a miracle of God that astonished you?  
  • How often in the beginning in our walk with the Lord are our eyes and ears more astounded at God’s working! Why does our excitement sometimes fade?
  • In what areas are you feeling empty and needing replenishing by Jesus right now?