Saturday (3/7/20)

Read John 3

  • If you could give one gift to the world that everyone would benefit from and enjoy what would it be?  

Food wouldn’t work for everyone (yes for those starving but not for those that already have it). Money wouldn’t work either (as it would eventually be gone and spent on things that could make life worse). The value of money would also go down (with everyone having so much), so prices on food and shelter would increase. Salvation unto everlasting life is the only suitable gift and the best gift that could be given to every single person in the world and only bring benefit.

The most well known verse in all of scripture: John 3:16  And there’s a reason for that.  The book of John was written to produce believers in Jesus Christ and this is how simple it is: believe in Him, believe in who He is –> God. God gave His Son to the world. Why? Because God loves the world. He doesn’t love the sin or the fallen state that it’s in, but He loves the way it was always meant to be and loves the people who are in it.  So much so that He gave His Son.

  • Do you believe Jesus is God?  What leads you to believe or not believe that?
  • Do you believe that God loves the world? 
  • Do you believe that God loves you individually, knows your name, reaches towards you?

Write a one sentence summary of Chapter 3.