Monday (3/16/20)

Read John 9

The miracle of the blind seeing!  This is the first time, at least recorded in scripture, of  a person being born blind and then receiving sight.  Surely this blind man had no hope of ever seeing, so when the miracle was performed he couldn’t deny this was someone sent from God. Genesis 2:7 says we’re “made of dust;” how fitting is it that Jesus uses dust to open the blind man’s eyes.  Truly, the Creator was standing before this blind man.

The sad truth of blindness of sight versus blindness of the heart is what  seems to be the point of this chapter.  The blind man knew he was blind and needed help, yet the Pharisees did not know the blindness of their hearts to see the truth that was right in front of them.

Recently, I sat at lunch with a friend who has been a follower of Jesus for a while. He had recently been in a relationship that involved a lot of sexual sin. He was now out of that relationship and said that the pressing question on his mind was, “How is it that in my mind I know that Jesus has the best path for me, and yet I woke up day after day deciding to disobey in the area of sexuality?”Our areas of disobedience often point to hard or blind areas in our hearts.

  • Are there areas of your heart that you might be blind to? Ask the Spirit to show you.
  • Don’t forget your one sentence summary.