Wednesday (3/18/20)

Read John 11

  • Imagine that you are Martha in this scene. What is going through your mind? Are you  angry? Hopeless? Frustrated?
  • What does it say about her relationship with Jesus that she speaks so strongly to Him?
  • How about you? Can you speak openly to the Lord in your anger or frustration about a person or situation?

“Lazarus is dead” Jesus said flat out in verse fourteen.  He wasn’t just asleep as the disciples thought.  

Jesus wept.  He wept at death. The sting of sin is death. 

There’s death because of the fallen world we live in.  Death isn’t a happy thing for anyone, including Jesus. After He mourns with the sisters, Jesus tells them that He is the resurrection & the life. Lazarus is called back to life in an amazing miracle that proves who Jesus is and that His Kingdom is a Kingdom of forever life. 

When believers die, we can say with confidence that “_______________ will rise again!” because Jesus is our resurrection.