Saturday (3/21/20)

Read John 12:12-50

Secret believers: “People who believe in who Jesus is, yet they choose not to let others know.” Many rulers and well-educated leaders believed but kept their belief a secret. These believing rulers knew that if they confessed Jesus, they would be kicked out of the synagogue – no more friends, no more community support system.  They not only feared loss but they also loved the praise of men more than the praise of God.

Years ago, I was in a discussion with a group of other believers. When the question arose, “Is it evident to those around us that we follow Jesus?” One young man said, “I hope not, people think Christians are weird.” He worked at a machine shop. I wound up there a couple weeks later and just asked if he was working that day. The person behind the counter asked how I knew “Chris.” I said that we attend church together, and the man at the counter said, “Chris goes to church; you’re joking?” Chris was a secret believer.

  • If those who work or go to school with you asked about you, would being a follower of Jesus be on their list of things? In what ways do you want the praise and affirmation of people around you versus the praise of God?
  • Do you see leaders around you at work or school that you know are believers? Are they open about this or secretive?

Write out that one sentence summary!