Monday (3/23/20)

Read John 13

Here is the link for the second half of the book of John from The Bible Project

Jesus washes the disciples’ feet. Such a humbling act today, even more so back then.  

Try to picture it: There were no paved roads and where they lived was desert, so you can only imagine how dusty it was. They wore sandals. If you’ve ever walked around in sandals outside, you know how dirty your feet can get–even if you don’t live in a desert.  Everyone’s feet would be dirty. Upon entering a home, a slave would wash the feet of guests. Some commentators compare it to taking a coat when greeted at the door.  

So when Jesus starts to wash their feet, which was usually the lowest slave’s task, Peter is bewildered and protests. When Jesus responds firmly that this washing must happen, Peter answers with another robust statement to not only wash his feet but his hands and head also.  

Peter was no doubt passionately all in for the Lord. He thought that his dirty feet were too lowly for Jesus to cleanse, but he didn’t realize that this washing went way beyond grimy feet. Jesus was also washing away the disciples’ spiritual dirt and was headed to the cross to wash away the sins of all who let him cleanse them.

  • What are some of the hard things Jesus has to say to Peter in this chapter?
  • Jesus allows space and hospitality to welcome Judas, his betrayer, to this intimate family gathering. How is this example of “making space” convicting to you today? 
  • Is there a person or place that you need to create hospitality in your heart for?
  • Write the one sentence summary.