Friday (4/3/20)

Read John 18:10-27

Peter acted too quickly (We’ve seen him respond too quickly before).  We can clearly see that Peter was not a trained soldier. He was a fisherman and he cuts off an ear (I don’t think that’s what people aim for when they want to hurt someone), but I’d guess he was aiming to cutting off his head.  I like that the man’s name is given, Malchus. I wonder why…  In Luke 22:51, we see a little more detail because Jesus restores the man’s ear whole again. Perhaps Malchus then believed having witnessed this miracle on himself?  He was the last person Jesus healed while on earth. 

  • Peter is bold in taking the man’s ear off, but soon after, as Jesus had warned him, denies even knowing Jesus three times. Why do you think Peter stays close to the scene and yet does not own up to knowing Jesus?
  • In Luke 22, as Jesus is being led away, He looks directly at Peter. This causes Peter to weep bitterly. How do you think Jesus looked at Peter? What was in His gaze? 
  • Peter and Judas had both betrayed Jesus. What is different in their responses?