Wednesday (4/8/20)

Read John 20:1-18

Jesus speaks her name and she immediately knows who He is. Mary, who had been with the Lord often during Jesus’ time on earth knew His voice, especially how He said her name in that loving, tender way.  I always wonder why she didn’t recognize Him physically at first. Did she really think He was the gardener? Maybe it was because her eyes were so filled with tears?  Maybe it was because she assumed the gardener had moved Him because that was the only logical thing?   The voice of the Lord cleared up all blurriness or assumptions by calling out to her.  

The voice of the Lord is heard quickly and clearly by those that know God.  Our God knows us by name among the billions of people that He’s created.  With just one word, her name, she knew it was Jesus. Oh, how the presence of the Lord is truly felt in a time of sorrow. 

  • When has the Lord’s voice been a comfort to you?
  • At what times do you feel like you recognize His voice? Through scripture? Through teaching or preaching? Through others’ counsel? The small voice you hear encouraging you forward?

Spend some time praying right now.