Tuesday (4/14/20)

Read James 1:1-8

Remember to pause and pray each day before you read. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide your thoughts as you study each passage.

The Greek word translated as various (NASB/ESV) in verse 2 is poikilos.  A teacher that I listen to once said that poikilos has a meaning similar to the English word polka-dotted. That is such a strong visual for me: all kinds of different-colored dotted trials appear in each of our lives.

  • Think of a recent trial in your life. How did it test your faith?
  • Do you feel like you grew in perseverance? Why or why not?
  • How do you think it works that perseverance makes us mature and complete?
  • Where are you boldly asking the Lord for wisdom at this time? Stop and pray right now for that. Also ask for faith to believe that He is generous in His giving.