Thursday (5/14/20)

Read James 4:7-10

Again, James has a very practical list of qualities for us to imitate and make a part of our lives. We are going to just go phrase by phrase and write out:

  • What comes to mind? 
  • How this works out in each of us?
  • What we can practically do to see this grow in us?
  • Phrases In James 4:7-10
    • “Submit yourself to God”
    • “Resist the devil”
    • “Come near to God”
    • “Wash your hands” (because we sin)
    • “Purify your heart” (because we are double minded)
    • “Grieve, mourn, and wail” (changing our laughter to mourning)
    • “Humble yourself before the Lord” (there is that humility again)
  • As you worked through this list, did anything pierce your heart? What is the Lord saying to you?