Monday (6/8/20)

Read Genesis 1 and 2

These chapters may be very familiar, but try to read them with fresh eyes. The Hebrew word for created – bara – refers to something brought from nothing – an act that only God can perform.

  • What does it teach you about God when you see the physical word respond to His command?
  • Why do you think that God creates two sexes?
  • How do you see evidence of God’s care and love for Adam (and later for Eve)?
  • At the end of chapter 2, God institutes the male-female marriage plan, and Jesus later reaffirms and echoes this in the gospels. Why do you think that He plans it this way?

In the final verse, we are told that they were naked and felt no shame. It’s hard for me to picture, being completely transparent, completely vulnerable, and feeling absolutely no shame over anything about me.

Spend some time quietly reflecting on the reality that God sees every aspect of you.

He is not ashamed to call you His own.
He is delighting over you.
He sacrificed much to have a relationship with you and you are tremendously valuable.
Let Him speak that over you today.