Wednesday (6/10/20)

Read Genesis 6 and 7

  • It is challenging to picture God being grieved and filled with pain. How does this enlarge your view of Him?
  • At this point in history, no rain had fallen on the earth. Imagine yourself being Noah. What are you thinking as God tells you to “get to work?”
  • Why do you think Noah finds favor in God’s eyes?
  • What is the difference between being righteous and being blameless?
  • Even being a good guy, how do you think the people around him reacted to the enormous boat being built?
  • List all the ways that you can see God providing for, taking care of, and loving Noah in the midst of this incredibly hard time.
  • We spent much of the spring social distancing (as I’m typing it seems very real that in some form, we will have physical distancing as a part of our lives for a while). Imagine being inside the boat for over 150 days (those were just the days that it rained!). Describe how this makes you feel.
  • What strikes you about God’s character from these chapters? Imagine being the one who had created all that existed – out of nothing – and then watching it covered over with water. How do you think God is feeling?