Thursday (6/11/20)

Read Genesis 8 and 9

Noah gets a lot of words here in Genesis!

I once read that when the Bible records God’s “remembering,” it always precedes action on His part. It isn’t like he actually forgot Noah and his family were in the boat and that the earth was flooding. But His remembering meant that it was time for His action. And Noah builds an altar and sacrifices to the Lord.

  • What surprising thing does the Lord promise here? Any speculations on why He makes this vow?
  • How does being an image bearer of God impact or change how you see yourself?
  • How does it influence how you treat others?
  • When you realize that the rainbow is significant and a result of God’s covenant, what do you think about when you see one today?


Think back through your significant times with the Lord. Times He has provided, times He has “shown up” and loved you or someone you loved. Perhaps you are in a significant time right now. All throughout the Old Testament altars were built so that the people would remember how God had provided, or what had been revealed about Him through His name. And their remembering of who God is was designed to influence their behavior – developing trust.

As we journey through this devotional the next few weeks, set aside a piece of paper for you to record the times in Genesis and Exodus when altars were built, why they were built and what they signified.

  • What would be a way that you could “build an altar” to help you remember God’s faithfulness in this season?