Monday (6/15/20)

Read Genesis 16 and 17

  • How do you empathize with Sarai (later God changes her name to Sarah), and her desire to have a child?
  • Picture the dynamic between Hagar and Sarai once Hagar is pregnant, why do you think Sarai begins to mistreat her?
  • Imagine the situation that Hagar is in, brought to her by the people she sees worshiping God. I love how God intervenes into these three lives in the next few chapters. We certainly see flaws in them, but hopefully we also see honest people trying to follow God. What do you appreciate about how God reaches out to Hagar?
  • How does God reach into the life of Abraham? (this is fifteen years after his first calling to leave and follow)?
  • What promises does God make to him?
  • Why do you think God insists on His way and does grant Abraham’s request of Ishmael being the one through whom blessing would come?
  • Think about the past several weeks, when have you followed your own leading instead of God’s?