Saturday (6/20/20)

Read Genesis 24-25:11

The characters in this chapter are so amazing to me, each in their own story. Not everyone marries, but if we do, God is still very concerned about the person we choose. Even our closest friends are important choices as these people influence us greatly.

  • Why do you think Abraham is so concerned about who Isaac is going to marry?

We are going to look at each character and how they demonstrate their faith through their actions. James taught us this spring that our faith is proved genuine by our actions – not by our words. How do you see faith in each of the characters below:

  • Abraham?
  • In the servant?
  • In Rebekah?
  • In Isaac?

Abraham is very specific in his request of the Lord. Jesus, in Mark 10:46-52, also asks this man to be specific about his request. Why do you think it is valuable to speak specifically in our requests to God when we pray for ourselves as well as for others?