Wednesday (6/24/20)

Read Genesis 29-30

I love the characters in Genesis that we get to see for many chapters. We can see their faith grow and develop just as ours does. OK, it is just me or is Genesis 29:25 a crack up verse… “When morning came, there was Leah.” Like he hadn’t noticed who was in bed with him?! What a drama we are reading about! It’s good to have our focus on seeing faith in our characters. Or a lack of faith that can teach us about ourselves.

  • Where do you see Jacob trusting in himself instead of his God?
  • What about Leah? What do we learn about her? What about Rachel?
  • In their relationships and their responses, where would you long to see a different more faith-filled response?
  • Both of the women seem to see children and Jacob as the fulfiller of their dreams and needs. We all have needs for security, acceptance, and love. The trouble comes when we seek to get those needs met in ways that are either outright sin, or sneakier sin/control/manipulation. Where do you see this potential trouble in your own life?