Saturday (6/27/20)

Read Genesis 37

In chapter 35 God changed Jacob’s name to Israel, and we see Israel build an altar to remember. Continue to record these altars on the paper you started a few weeks ago!

Israel (Jacob) had obviously not learned the lesson regarding favoritism during his own childhood and passes this down yet another generation. I am reminded of what we learned this Spring in the study of James and how God specifically commands us to not show favoritism.

  • In your own family, what traits have been passed down from your parents that you would like to see the Lord change in you?
  • Where have you seen the Lord change you? Or where would you liketo cooperate for some future change?
  • Why do you think God gave Joseph the dreams that he had?
  • Picture the scene where he shares these with the older siblings. What do you think motivates them to respond as they do?
  • How do you think favoritism plays into the events recorded here?
  • How is this generational sin damaging to all that it touches? The favorite and the non-favorite?

Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you any areas of generational sin that are lodged in your character and behavior.