Sunday (7/5/20)

Read Genesis 49:29-50:26

I always like to give us Sunday to relax and reflect, but we are on a mission to finish Genesis, so we have a few verses to read this morning.

  • As you reflect back on the book of Genesis, including these chapters here, how would you describe God?
  • One last time! What does Joseph’s faith look like?

I know we’ve read a chunk each day, and we will continue into Exodus. These chapters and stories are so essential for us to understand our faith as well as the heritage passed down to us. God tells Abraham that he will be the Father of many nations, and that all nations will be blessed through him. He shows him the stars and speaks of his descendants. If you have placed your faith in the saving work of Jesus, you are one of those descendants.

Take a listen to this old song and reflect: