Thursday (7/9/20)

Read Exodus 5 – 6:12 and 6:28 – 7:7

  • I find it interesting that God reveals His names and character differently at various times and with various people. What do you appreciate about that?
  • What puts you in a place where you feel closed off to the Lord’s words? Can you relate to this? What moves your spirit to soften and be in a place to listen?

I love it that Moses is eighty years old! I hope to still be listening to the Lord, to be asking questions, and to be obeying when I am eighty and beyond!

  • Ask the Holy Spirit to show you your heart right now. Is your spirit soft to listen? Are you in a place of obedience or disobedience? Do you obey quickly or delay? Do you make excuses? Ask the Spirit to give you a picture of a more mature ‘you’.