Wednesday (7/29/20)

Read Joshua 4

OOOOOOHHHH I love this chapter!!!

  • How would you feel if you were a priest and as soon as you step out of the river the water rushes past you?
  • Why the stones? What purpose do they serve?

I’ve loved times hiking in the mountains and coming across piles of stones. I learned that these are called ‘cairns’. Wikipedia says this: A cairn is a man-made pile of stones. The word cairn comes from the Scottish Gaelic: càrn. Cairns have been and are used for a broad variety of purposes, from prehistoric times to the present. In modern times, cairns are often erected as landmarks, a use they have had since ancient times.

These stones remind me of the altars that we kept track of in Genesis. Altars built to remind the people of God’s character, of a way that He protected them, or a way that He revealed Himself in a fuller way.

  • Think through the last year. How has God made Himself more known to you? What new name can you call Him because of experiences this past year?
  • How could you build and altar or cairn to mark this growing?