MONDAY (10/26/20)

We saw in Romans 5 that God was creating a new humanity in Jesus. Romans 6 explained that we are “alive in Christ.” Now in Romans 7, Paul answers the questions, “What the Law was for? What purpose did it serve? If God was going to redeem people to Himself through Jesus’ death and resurrection, why all the hoopla with the Law?”

Read Romans 7:1-6

  • Why do you think Paul uses a marriage illustration?
  • When you think back to before being “joined to Christ”- what is some of the “fruit of death” that you remember growing?
  • What fruit in your life now is evidence of your being a part of God’s family? How do you see yourself growing?

Sit and spend some time quietly, praying, and asking the Holy Spirit to show you how He has been at work in you, and also where He wants to work going forward.


What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body of death?