FRIDAY (12/11/20)

Hello! Today’s reading and reflection comes from me, Benji. My wife Ila and were a part of the team that planted Riverside and it has been quite the journey! And speaking of a journey, lets continue with the life of Joseph today. Our reading is Genesis 45, one of the most dramatic passages in the book of Genesis.

Joseph reveals his true identity to his brothers and will begin the process of reconciling his relationship with them. While Joseph’s brothers were undoubtedly afraid that Joseph would want revenge, Joseph makes it clear that it was God who had arranged for Joseph to be sent to Egypt. Wow. And not only that, Joseph was sent in order to rescue his family during the famine. What incredible insight and trust in God.

God was orchestrating the events the entire time. God was at work through all of the circumstances and human decisions to ultimately bring about His plan. God was with Joseph and his family the whole time. This rescue by God in the course of this family reminds me of God’s plan to rescue all of humanity through the birth of Jesus. Emmanuel. God is with us. God’s plan was and has been in full motion the entire time, through all of history and even now.

The certainty of God’s will to turn harm into good is the basis for forgiveness and reconciliation with those who do wrong, cause hurt, or bring harm.

  • In your life, with whom do you need to forgive or seek reconciliation?
  • As Joseph explained, God was at work the entire time. The past year has been a year of struggle for many. Where have you seen God working good in your life this past year?