SATURDAY (12/19/20)

Hey Riverside Family! This is Ila, and I’m glad to spend this moment in the Advent season with you. If you don’t know me, I’m Benji’s other half. Folks can usually find me singing with the worship team, teaching the 3rd-5th graders, or keeping up with our four adventurous girls!

Today, we are going to read a portion of Numbers together. In this section, the Hebrew people have been freed from slavery in Egypt for at least two years now. The journey so far has been filled with God performing remarkable signs, displaying his power over all creation. The people arrive just outside the promised land and send out a scout from each of the twelve tribes to gather information on this land they are to inherit.

Let’s read to find out what these twelve men report back to their community: Numbers 13:26-14:25.

The promised land was rich and beautiful…but there were giants. Giants are scary! Ten of the spies work the whole community into a frenzy of disbelief and dread. No matter how many acts of power they’ve witnessed, they refuse to trust God. Because of fear and unbelief, the whole community is sent back to wander the desert.

Only Joshua and Caleb believed in God’s power and goodness to conquer the land. How frustrating it must have been for those two to wait 40 years and suffer through the disobedience of their community. Others saw the giants and believed that God’s gift was too dangerous. They finished their days on Earth never receiving the promise.

Caleb and Joshua saw past the giants and believed God’s gift was good. Their Father had already purchased it, wrapped it up, and slapped a bow on it. All the people had to do was believe enough to grab it and open it. Following Jesus can also lead us to face scary giants. May our faith be greater!

  • Get out a piece of paper and list any current giants you are facing.
  • Let’s lay these giants at the feet of Jesus. Write a prayer of faith, trusting God to fight these battles with you and for you.