MONDAY (12/21/20)

Hi, my name is Tamara and I have been on staff doing kids’ ministry for a little over a year now. I moved to South Bend from Vincennes, IN last August through connections at Camp Ray Bird. I began attending Riverside during the summer I first started working at Ray Bird. I live with my roommate, Azia, and our two kittens.

The passage today is Joshua 1-2. In Joshua 1, the Lord told Joshua to take his people and cross the Jordan River into the land that was to be given to them. God promised to give them every land that touched their foot and that no one would be able to stand against them. The Lord told them to be strong and courageous and to keep the law Moses gave to them, for He would be with them wherever they went. And so they did.

In Joshua 2, Joshua sent two spies to look over Jericho. The king of Jericho knew of this, so he sent a message to Rahab, telling her to bring out the men who entered her home to spy. But Rahab had hidden the spies and told the king that she didn’t know where they went. Rahab asked the spies to spare the lives of her family in return for her hiding them and they promised her so. Rahab let them down by a rope and told them to hide in the hills for three days. The spies told Rahab to tie a scarlet cord in the window so that they would be protected. She did so, and the spies returned to Joshua telling him everything that happened. They said “The Lord has surely given the whole land into our hands..”

God pursued Joshua and the Israelites and promised that He would stand with them and give them every place where they set their feet and that no one would stand against them. In Jericho, they were aided by Rahab, who God used as a model of hospitality, mercy, and faith.

Rahab assured the spies that Jericho was fearful of them because they knew the Lord had promised them the land of Jericho. The spies returned back to camp confident that the Lord was fulfilling His promise.

Read Joshua 1-2 and do the Know, Be, Do method of study for through the chapter.

  • KNOW – What does the text say about God?
  • BE – What does the text say about us?
  • DO – What is the text calling me to do?
  • Grab a piece of paper and write out the whole verse that you want to stick with you throughout the day today.